Thursday, November 6, 2008

Booker vs BlaQwest - Picks Of The Week

For our regular readers you know we've been out of comission for a minute. We apologize. We should be back posting on a regular basis now.

Here's our picks of the week...

BlaQwest - This is Sick (Bass Weazal's Sick Edit) - Solid Groove
I am definitely feeling this track! The way it goes in and out of that airy feeling gets me all giddy inside. Then all of a sudden it drops to some fidget and that sick ass bassline that is so hot! I really like the contrast. Vocal samples are kind of crazy as well. Nice remix.

Booker - Liam Vizzle - That Banana Track (Hijack Remix)
Hijack is the man - nuff said from me. This remix is killin' it.

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